1.Are the magic trick including Gimmick?

No,we just sent the video or ebooks file by email attachment,please leace your effective email add on our store.



2.When can i get my ebooks that i just odered?

Most ebooks is PDF format and most can be download directly,please cheak your account order pages to download the links.



3.I can't recevie email when i finished payment?

We will send the files when you less than 48 hours(most send immediatily),please leave your effective email (Gmail is the best) on our store and keeping cheak your mailbox & rubbish bin.


4.I recevie the email attachement,how to download them?

please try to use "Eagleget" or "internet download manager" or "orbit downloader" to download,when you click on the download link,please waiting for mail service response and please do not click double time too fast!



5.The same products name,different price?

Please contact us to tell me the products name,generally speaking,they should be the same thing,just order the cheaper one. :-)


6.The link lack, wrong, overdue, not work?

Please contact us to resend!


7.Are the documents at the Store in electronic Adobe Acrobat PDF format only?

Most documents on the Store are in electronic Adobe Acrobat PDF format,Or EPUB,MOBI,ORB,etc.We will send to your email upon purchase. Sorry,Our Store does not sell or ship documents in hard copy.